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Doc Schneider: Guestbook

Pete Ford

September 29, 2017

Here is the second post in 2017. Reconnected with an old classmate and discovered his extraordinary musical talents. Having grown up a town over from Doc, his songs & lyrics are so soothing, thought provoking and whimsical while triggering emotional memories. Keep up the good work Doc!

Doc Schneider

April 25, 2017

It has been nearly nine years since anyone posted a message on my guestbook. I have no choice but to post one myself. Hello in there, Hello.

Music Lover

December 26, 2016

I love your Pandora station! The blend of music there is wonderfully chosen, with your's being the best of course!

Simon Johnson

June 27, 2016

Hi Doc I discovered you through listening to Eugene, I heard your live album together on youtube. The song Nantucket island wow! I have to say as a songwriter of more than 30 years that song brought tears and goosebumps to my whole body, what an absolute treasure the songs are in a class of their own along with the Croce, Taylor, Chapin, greats very very impressed Simon.

Ann Walker

October 15, 2011

Congratulations and welcome as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Your excellence in two areas, law and music, reveal a rare, unique individual. The Fellows will be honored to welcome you. We look forward to getting to know the many sides of Doc Schneider and his art.

Mercer Law Student

May 13, 2011

You came and spoke with my class a couple months ago (1L's), so I had to come check out your music. The intro of the guitar in "Wherever You Are" is beautiful! Very calm and soothing. You're a very talented songwriter. I'll be back often to hear to more.

Thomas Branch

March 19, 2010

Thanks for coming to our class today. I'm listening to "songs and stories" right now. It's really good. When is the next concert?

mckenzie miler

January 30, 2010

hey papa what up?

andy brown

January 13, 2010


Rear Admiral Andy Brown---Alex's buddy here. Living in Germany now. Interesting times.

Hope you are doing well and still producing. Still listening to your tunes.

Best to you in 2010.


Jan Hoegh

October 17, 2009

Hi Doc,
Not many people in Denmark knows about Doc Schneider. But one of my friends, who knows about my taste of music, gave me the cd "Second Chances", and it just blew my mind.
I think this is the most awesome album I have heard in a long time.
It is all there - and it is all in top. Voice, music, performance, lyrics and production, from a truely gifted singer/ songwriter.
Thanks a lot for this fantastic musical journey...

Faye Lavender

October 6, 2009

Doc: You are such an awesome and inspirational man; therefore, it is no surprise to me now to see it so beautifully portrayed in your music. Thank you for SECOND CHANCES (I love it) and for including one of my favorites, Homemade Song.

Bravo! Don't Stop Here

Faye Lavender

Jim Sireci

June 16, 2009

Good to catch up with you after all these years. I enjoyed listening to your music.
Take care old buddy,
Jim Sireci

Dean Delongchamp

May 5, 2009

Great Web site. Music is really good. Maybe not as good as singing in the Crow's Nest watching Oslo recede into the night.......but still pretty good. You will have to bring along your CDs on the next cruise.

Dean and Sylvia

Marjie Truax

May 5, 2009

So glad that you have done this site. Always as we listen to 'Second Chances", I think---"Why don't people know about Doc's music?" Now your fans can be connected.
ps. This is the first time that I have written anything on the internet...are you proud?

Justin Pavoni

May 3, 2009

I have know Doc since he was twenty years young. His music has been a part of me since then.

Frequently after a vacation or a summer away, he would return with a new song about a love lost or a heartbreak or perhaps a happy situation which had come along.

His music now is the real deal and in time he will become well known as a major songwriter in America.

My wife and I were privileged to be in attendance at the Schneider/Ruffolo concert in Decatur, Ga. on 4-18-09 at EDDIES ATTIC. Absolutely incredible! I share his music with everyone I know and the reaction is the same.

We all know that Doc is an accomplished attorney and songwriter/performer. What many here do not realize is that Doc is one heck of an athlete. He was an outstanding crease attackman as a lacrosse player and now his golf game is the envy of all who witness that smooth and effortless swing.

Doc is truly a Renaissance Man for the ages.

It is very cool to be a part of your world Doctor!

We love your music.

Your old friend,


Mike Feidt

May 1, 2009

Sounding great, Doc. I'll be placing an order. Take care, OV, Mike

Katherine McClure

January 17, 2009

I didn't realize you were a REAL true live musician, and am embarrassed you sent me all those cd's. I could have & would have bought them! Thank you!

CDR Kyle F. Kaker, USN

November 14, 2008

Doc - Your lyrics have a warmth, richness, and appreciation for the human condition that reflect on your colorful experiences and deep soul. Don't ever stop writing. While many have performed your songs, no one feels your songs like you do. Keep up your phenomenal work.

Massimo Ferro

July 15, 2008

Hi Doc,
I got your latest CD from a Scandinavian promoter and I really enjoy your songs, in fact I'm playing some of them in my radio show of American roots based music here.
Compliments for your music, keep on doing that!
All the best from Italy,
Massimo Ferro


June 16, 2008

such a handsome young man, dreamy lyrics and wonderful music...james taylor could learn a thing or two from this up and comer..

Smoovy Bigamortis Allwood

May 29, 2008

Yeah....I've been telling this guy for about 15 years that he is a freakin' songwriter extraodinaire, and that there are multitudes of people who would feel the same, AND love HIS voice, given the opportunity. Did he believe ME??? NOOOOOO....

So yeah, all you bandwagon riders, fair weather friends, and late-comers....I was here first (or maybe 2nd , right behind Helen!)

Ha-ha, post this one, Doc!

Smoovy Bigamortis Allwood

McKenzie Miller

May 18, 2008

I'm the one of heck of a little girl. This is my poppy. I love him.

lia kinnet-abts

May 15, 2008

“All Across The Southern District” is such a touching, joyful already melancholic, marvelous, colorful detailed painting in beautiful notes and precious words on a very stirring sticky melody; a warm aquarelle of the country ánd its residents. It is one BIG Magnificat ánd “Thank You”.
This pearl has everything to become Georgia’s National Hymn #1, an obligatory song for all schools and public events.
Standing Ovation, Doc!

from la petite Belgium with
love, lia & katrien


April 9, 2008

Hi Doc,
Thank you for you CD. I really appreciate your songs and your universe.
I hope that you enjoyed Paris and James Taylor's concert. I'm waiting for your new song : April in Paris.
Best regards

mcKenzie miller

March 7, 2008

I realy do love Doc Schneider .

dave brown

January 2, 2008


I received a copy of Seconds Chances from my brother, Rear Admiral Andy Brown...I love it. have purchased copies for my children.

my oldest daughter lives in Athens, Ga and is a photographer and teacher.

keep doing what you do. my sense of lawyers is heightened after musing through your songs.

grace, dave

Lori Greenhill

December 29, 2007

Doc, I saw your name at the We Are Listening website. We are neighbors here in GA. I reside in Augusta, GA. I have been sinigng and writing music for 20+ years and recently recorded my 1st CD. Your music is heart-felt. I hope you don't mind I added a link to your site from my site I look forward to hearing from you soon. Lori Greenhill

Dominique Laborde

November 7, 2007

A friend of mine in Atlanta recently turned me onto your music. Wow! What a great collection of songs, and each one is really a pleasure to soak in. The lyrics, music and vocals are all great and I have enjoyed getting the music on I-tunes and have been listening to it over the last few days.

Nice job, Doc!


November 6, 2007

A colleague directed me to your website because he was pretty sure I would enjoy what you're doing. He was right. I'm looking forward to digging deeper. In the meantime, thanks for giving a recovering attorney and wannabe songwriter (dozens of verse and chorus fragments scralled in legal pads) a little more motivation to keep trying.


November 2, 2007

As a fan of lots of different kinds of music, I have soaked up the songs on Second Chances and am the better for having you on my i-Pod, right above Dolly Parton! You are making lawyers seem like more fun and sound even better (although the Auburn connection still holds you back a bit...). Thanks for standing out from the crowd.


July 11, 2007

Bonus! My Buddy Bob gave me his brothers cd! The Gift was a very nice gesture. Double Bonus: The cd is FANTATIC!, easy listening at work, good to turn up loud on the drive home. I still haven't decided on a favorite song yet, but Who Took Our Eyes Away? is close! Thank you Bob & Thank You Doc! Keep strummin'!

Robert Schneider

June 23, 2007

I just ordered three of my brothers cds, from cd baby and not to my surprise they were out of stock, wow. I have to wait for the artist, to restock. Le's go Doc, I am saturating the south Florida market for you, ha ha. Good stuff, still love, "Homemade Song". Bobby

Kelly Alcocer

June 20, 2007

Hey Doc, I'm the guy from the Ritz Lake Oconee who took a keen interest in your guitars. My custom should be done within the next month or so... not an Olson but we all can dream :) Anyway, I love your stuff and thanks for introducing the Ritz community to Eugene Ruffolo. I absolutely love "The Hardest Easy" and his voice is the perfect vehicle for your beautiful songs on "Songs In Other Voices". Hope to see you next year.


Mike Bourgeois

April 18, 2007

I stopped by from getting your link from a message board I frequent, thanks to Ken below!! Great sounds, I'll be downloading once I get home.

Kenny Hogan

April 15, 2007

Hi Doc,

I just checked out your website (nice website too) and I'm downloading some of your songs from i-tunes as we speak. I love your music!
The lyrics, the vocals the chord's all just a pleasure to listen to. I'm gonna spread the word about you to everyone I know. These songs of yours are very moving and powerful. It's beautiful stuff! Very inspirational!
I'm a songwriter from the Boston area. I don't know if you tour, but if you're ever in this area, I'd love to go to one of your shows.


Kenny Hogan
Stoneham, Mass


March 19, 2007


You were kind enough to send me both of your CD's and they are brilliant. I cannot stop listening to the latest one. I love A Second Chance - I just hit the replay button over and over again. I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the CD if I can ever get enough of that first song. I'll let you know.

Debra "Ophelia" White :-)
Milford, Ohio

John Fraysier

March 10, 2007

I really have enjoyed your music here, Doc. I have especially liked "Everything Gold". I am a fan of Robert Frost and his poem, "Nothing Gold can Stay." It is one of my favorites. I assume your song is a different side of that story. Great job! I'm sure it would be a song James would love to sing. Thanks!

Elko haverkamp

March 10, 2007

Happy birthday....old man...:-)

lia kinnet-abts

January 30, 2007

Your “Second Chances” is a most IMPRESSIVE album, cher Doc !
all great songs and such positive vibes … “let this song wrap my arms around you” and we can assure you that they do, thanks so much !
… and to refer to your Homemade Song, your Collection of artisanal Homepies baked with love and devotion, est un Gâteau Délicieux ! Vous êtes un Maître Pâtissier formidable !
Thanks for your Music, we wish you a lot of success and recognition!

with much love, gratitude and respect from la petite Belgium,
love, lia & katrien

ps= happens that me likes also that Ruffolo guy! :)
review of “Second Chances” on his site


December 30, 2006

Hello Doc,

Many tks for yr cd ! I've played it over and over again. Great songwriting. Marvelous bunch of performers and producers. "never been the same as James" is one of the lines in yr "Homemade Song", well in my view you're very close to James.
Happy, healthy 2007 to you and your family !
- Wilfred -


December 27, 2006

Hi Doc, look forward to listen to your new project and wish you in between happy holidays and a very happy - healthy- music year 2007!!

Try to listen to them a.s.a.p. here or from cd ;-)

Give you my 2 cents afterwards?!

Hans Timman

December 26, 2006

What a great project! I love the voice of Eugene and it was a good thing Elko reccomended your site to me!
I also like the other songs like Let The Morning Show The Way with Jeff Jacobs and Cheryl Wilson a lot!
Beautiful songwriting!

Donna Cevasco

December 25, 2006

I met your brother bob at sears, I liked him right away (when I spoke with him) great person! has only wonderful things to say about u. heard your cd said is that james taylor he said no it's my brother.I have much respect for your music. happy holidays and happy new year! good luck good health and prosper

Michael Kennedy

December 23, 2006

I am a friend of your brother Bobby at Sears and he turned me on to your site I shall listen to the music later. He says you are pretty damned good.


December 3, 2006

Hi Doc,

Love this project, listened to the songs and it sounds really great, I like that Ruffolo guy...:-)

I Hope someday we will meet..., let's play some "Lightfoot" stuff together and your spaghetti song...:-)

Take care

Amy Yervanian

October 6, 2006

listening to your music is such a pleasure. thanks much for sharing it with me.


September 29, 2006


liberty devitto

September 6, 2006

Nice web site Doc, hope to see you in Atlanta

Ed Birk

September 4, 2006


I can't wait for the new CD. The real face you have put on the practice of law and the writing of songs -- it's a real inspiration.


Mary Pierce

August 10, 2006

Doc, I was the younger reporter (with Nonna) that did depos for you in California on the Frank Maggio case. I'm going to buy a CD for myself and the now retired Nonna...she'll get a kick out of it. Say hello to Bill Clinebell for me.


July 21, 2006

Remember the days of afternoon malted beverages in Circle City............

Robert T. Schneider Jr.

July 17, 2006

picture for the new cd is awesome and extraordinary, in fact, many of my friends in south florida have seen it and love it, your brother is truly proud of you .


July 16, 2006

i love reading your review-you melt me too;-)


February 5, 2006

I was just introduced to the sight by Bob (Tu Hermano) We are here at my place watching the Super Bowl. He is sweating tostitos because the Seahawks are losing and it's going to cost him Fifty Bucks. By the way... nice photos.

Steve Lynah

December 24, 2005

I have only listened to a bit and loved it all. I'm honored to have met your brother Bob and to learn more about you from this web site. I am sure many of my friends and relatives will be glad to learn and listen!

Robert T. Schneider Jr.

December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to you Doc and all of his family,especially Helen, Kristin nd Heather. I am blessed to have such a talented andl amazing brother. I look forward to hearing one nashville night on the radio someday or Doc on with Imus in New York wow!


December 23, 2005

Thank you so much!!! We love it and mom and dad too!! Happy Holidays to all

J. Pierce Buster

December 14, 2005

What can I say, you set an example young people could only hope to follow. I have enjoyed and considered it my honor to grow up across the street from you and your wonderful family(some of the time that is). Hope all is well, and I hope to see you soon. Thanks for everything you've ever done for me.

- J. Pierce Buster

PS: Thanks for always letting me stay in your basement when I'm evicted from my house.


November 30, 2005

I am so proud you are my dad. I love you so.

bobby schneider

October 19, 2005

lisbon??? great!!!!!

bobby schneider

September 10, 2005

my brother is the one and only doc i know asnd i am very proud of him he is one heckuva guy

Mary T. Yelenick

June 23, 2005

Doc -- Last week, having been tipped off by a mutual musical friend, I found your new website, and delighted in listening to your mellow tones and thoughtful lyrics. Quite coincidentally (or not), this week, James Taylor performed, live, just outside our offices in Rockefeller Plaza. So I was able to make direct comparisons on many levels. JT, make way for DS!

Lawrence Savell

June 14, 2005

A great website to follow-up a great album! Thank you for sharing your talents, insights, and joys, and for providing conclusive evidence that there may well be more to a lawyer than one might expect. Well done, as always. Best wishes from your loyal fans in Westchester County.

Arthur Moore

May 24, 2005

What's up Doc! Okay, I appologize but I couldn't resist. lol Man your talents are simply remakable! We writers of "Homemade Songs" are a dying breed, but with whole lot of life left in us still through our musical contributions. Your contributions are disproportionately BIG! Thank you for your songs...

Kristin Napier

May 19, 2005

Thanks for the link! We hope to see you performing in Nashville sometime soon. Take care, K

Gladys S. Dorian, your favorite s-i-l

May 18, 2005

Doc, What a joy to see your handsome face and listen to your beautiful music. Your precious Mother - in -law in Heaven is listening to your songs with all the Angels. What JOY...............

c. u. salaveria

April 28, 2005

Dear Doc,

When I saw your amazing website, I wanted to sign your guest book, but was at a loss for words... But "Just Then", I realized that I am "The Lucky One"... your "Number One Fan"(along with thousands of others, no doubt.) I used to think you were just "One Heckuva Little Girl" but now realize that there's "Nothing Quite Like You"... A true poet whose lyrics and tunes offer a "Hint of Heaven" by taking those days when nothing's going right, and making "Everything Gold." Thank God for the "Choices and Chances" you have taken with music, for without your gift the world would be a "Quiet Place." So, "If You Must Leave Me Now" to go and work on that "Song in Progress"... Then go... but I am left wondering when you'll "Come To My House" to sing us some of your "Homemade Songs" in person... So on behalf of everyone living in the east, the west, the north... and actually "All Across The Southern District", I'd like to say thank you for answering the call of the Great Creator by daring to be your own great creator!

c. u. salaveria

p.s. Nothing Quite Like You makes me think of a very special little six year old boy and how I miss him so... (funny how you must have thought you were writing a romantic song?)

comer yates

April 11, 2005

Helen was just here and I was asking about your music. What a treat to see your website. Congratulations on the recognition. I love this picture from the camp.

Bill Muller

April 8, 2005

Archibald MacLeish once said "The business of the law is to make sense of the confusion of what we call human life—to reduce it to order but at the same time to give it possibility, scope, even dignity." I believe that this is true of music as well, and in the same way that Mr. MacLeish combined his legal vocation with his avocation for poetry, you have done so with your songwriting. Kudos to you for your Unisong Contest award and a very fine website. Keep it up!

Matt Harman

April 8, 2005

Excellent website and excellent music. Congrats on the recent award. To misquote Denzel Washington and Jamie Kennedy from from "Training Day" and "Malibu's Most Wanted" respectively, I proclaim: "James Taylor ain't got nothin' on you!"

gordon smith

April 8, 2005

To paraphrase Judge Bell: The songwriters say he is a great lawyer and the lawyers say he is a great songwriter. Happy to be the third (and hopefully not the last) visitor to your web site.

Brian Urrutia

April 7, 2005

I'm utterly speechless Doc, you've done it man. A true accomplishment for songwriters everywhere. I still can't believe that even in the days of my youth the Schneider music movement was only taking baby-steps. I am constantly impressed, and occasionally inspired, by your tactful chord and word choice in your songs. Three cheers for you Doc, the 'starving-for-exposure-musician' that made it out of seclusion and quite apparently, hunger. In closing, "if the spirit moves ya, let it groove ya"-marvin gaye

Kathryn Gritzuk

April 7, 2005

I am the proud to be your baby sister. I have been a fan long before the awards. I have enjoyed listening to you play and sing for many years going back so far as "Bye Bye Holy Trinity High". Your music is touching and makes me drift into memories, some sad, some sweet. But I thank you for all of them. I love your music , I love your spirit, I love you.