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Doc Schneider: News

The Doc Schneider Songbook - November 30, 2016

The Doc Schneider Songbook (2016)(Mercer Press)

In words and music, songs and photographs, this captivating songbook tells the story of a mostly unknown homemade singer-songwriter. A lawyer by day and night and a songwriter in between, Doc Schneider has written more than 100 songs over the last four decades and released three albums -- Choices & Chances, Second Chances and Songs & Stories Live – all available through iTunes, CD Baby, YouTube, Spotify and Pandora. His songs have found a few dedicated listeners across the United States and in tiny pockets around the world in Bruges, Paris, Malta and elsewhere. This songbook offers sheet music and lead sheets to accompany the released albums should anyone out there want to play a song or two. But this is more than a songbook. It is the story of a love affair with music. Tracing his path from the trailblazing singer-songwriters of the early 1970's (These Were My Friends) to his own efforts over the ensuing years (Homemade Song), this book puts the songwriter's art form on display and reveals the family that carries him on his way. For readers with or without guitars, this unique collection offers a joyous adventure through the process of creating songs, with some poems and stories along the way in this Special First Edition.

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New Album: Songs and Stories Live (2-CD Set) - January 1, 2010

Live from famed Atlanta music venue, Eddie's Attic, come Eugene Ruffolo and Doc Schneider in concert. Recorded in April 2009 before a packed and lively room, two singer-songwriters and friends sang songs and told stories -- it was an intimate afternoon of acoustic gems

Here is the link to the album and if you want a copy, email me at

Video of A Wedding Song - April 14, 2008

2007 Unisong Contest Winner - July 1, 2007

On June 30, 2007, we got the news of this years Unisong Contest results, and I am delighted to report that the title track of Second Chances ("A Second Chance") took 4th Place in the Acoustic/Folk Category. (Go to to see and hear the winners). Eugene Ruffolo performs the song, with backing vocals by Lucy Kaplansky -- with a heartbreaking nylon string guitar interlude by Oz Noy. The track is produced by Ben Wisch. All I did was write the song one weekend last year on little McKenzie's tiny nylon mini-guitar. I sang it for my sister-in-law Gladys in an empty room, where the furniture had been removed and the floors were being redone. The perfect acoustics and Gladys close attention made me believe this song might be worth singing -- and Eugene and Ben and Lucy and Oz did the rest. In other news, the song Deeper (with a lyric by John Mayer from his Esquire magazine contest) was an Honorable Mention in this year's Unisong Contest in the Americana category.

Second Chances - New CD -- December 2006 -- Now on iTunes and CD Baby - February 11, 2007

Second Chances - CD
Click Here to download the Second Chances lyric book

Click Here to download the Second Chances lyric book
2006 Release of Doc Schneider Songs Produced and Performed by an All-Star Line Up. Produced by Jeff Jacobs and Ben Wisch. Performed by Eugene Ruffolo, Jon Allmet, Jeff Jacobs, Cheryl Wilson, Josie Aiello and Greg Ferguson. With a 20 page lyric book (with chords for some songs), designed by Nashville Graphic Design Star Jenny Garland Click Here to download the Second Chances lyric book

2006 Unisong Contest - June 30, 2006

On June 30, 2006, Unisong announced the results of the 2005 Unisong Contest. Jeff Jacob's great version of "Turn The World Around" was a Top 20 Finalist in the Social/Political Commentary Caterogy. Wherever You Are and Who Took Our Eyes Away were Honorable Mentions in the Pop Ballad category. Hint of Heaven was an Honorable Mention in the Acoustic category. The second place pop song this year (Homemade Song took that position last year) was a song called 'Proof" by Rachel Sage. Her song is fantastic and should have won the whole contest in my opinion. Anyway, we sent these little songs off into the world and they conducted themselves admirably.

All Blue To Me (Lyrics) - May 22, 2005

"Click here to see the full color lyric book and download a printable copy.
This is a new album released by Jeff Jacobs, who is a member of Foreigner. This is Jeff''s debut album, and I was lucky enough to co-write a number of the songs with him. Jeff also sings my song Sailor's Dream that I wrote in 1978 and sang for the first time at the United States Naval Academy, and he does a lovely solo version of If I Can Love Enough. Jeff is a rock and roll veteran, having played with Billy Joel on Storm Front and River of Dreams, and having been a member of Foreigner on keyboards since 1991. You can order the CD on

2004 Unisong Contest - April 6, 2005

I was astonished to learn that Homemade Song finished second in the Pop Ballad category of the 2004 Unisong Contest, with the results announced just last week on March 31, 2005. I fell out of my chair when I learned there were 900 entries in the Pop Ballad category. Holy Mackerel! I posted the song. Jon Almett sings the song, with Jeff Jacobs as the arranger/producer. I am just the songwriter, but, oh, what it feels like to hear this Homemade Song. Hope you enjoy -- and congratulations to all the winners and finalists in the competition.

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