15 Years Ago 

I opened my eyes on this world on March 10, 1954. I fell in love with a sweet song shortly thereafter. After years of being a diehard fan of James Taylor, Paul Simon, David Wilcox, Dar Williams, Pierce Pettis and others to be named later, I decided to devote some energy to writing a song or two in earnest. I wrote my first song at 19, but my first good one at 39 -- and now at 51, I am still at it. But I am a lawyer by trade and by heart -- and a songwriter too, safe here in Atlanta.


 Here we are in 2020.  There have been lots of songs between then and now -- and my plan is to add as many as I can here.  I'm gonna find a better way, even though I'm turning grey.  I am grateful for the life that I have been given -- and grateful to the ones who gave it to me.  Of course, nothing lasts forever -- not even a website.  Thank you for coming to visit this new site.